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The Principal writes a very full newsletter every Friday and this is sent to parents and whanau via email.              


We use texting as a means to provide reminders, requests and notices.



Teachers use this app to report to parents on children’s progress and to show work.  This app is interactive – parents can reply/comment.

Click below to download the Seesaw App on IOS or Apple!




St Mary’s Facebook Blog

This is a page dedicated to celebrating our children's successes. Teachers post photos and information regularly on the blog. Parents/Grandparents/Friends of the school are able to leave constructive comments that we can pass back to the children. This is a great way to keep in touch and for you to know what is happening in the classroom and/or school.


To access this, click on the following link, then Join Group and one of the administrators will accept you. St Mary's School Blog


Home and School Facebook Page

A place to share ideas for fundraising, network with other parents & teachers, and keep up-to-date with what's happening within the Home & School. 

Access the page here: St Mary's Home & School


Reporting to Parents

The school follows an annual programme of Reporting to Parents:


  • March/April Interviews - Goal setting

  • July/August - Periodic Assessment Results

  • October Interviews - Progress towards Goals

  • December - Written Reports


In addition to the annual programme, Teachers' or Parents, requests for interviews are arranged at any other time during the year to discuss points of interest or concern about a child's progress, achievements or well-being.


Assembly is held each Friday at 2.40 pm and classes are rostered on for Assembly duty.  Parents are warmly invited to attend.


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