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Religious Education


Each day begins and concludes with prayer. Grace is said at lunch time.


Two and a half hours each week are given to formal religious instruction

using the curriculum prescribed by the Diocese.  This encompasses the following:


  • Teaching and learning what the Catholic Church believes and teaches.

  • Understanding and appreciating the ways the Catholic Church celebrates, lives and prays.

  • Teaching children how to respond freely to God according to their gift of faith.

  • Delivering the essence and spirit of the Gospel Values and the Bible stories

Care is taken to ensure that, when problems arise, these are discussed and solved using the ideas and methods taught during Religious Education lessons, ensuring that core values find reality in the classroom, playground and beyond.


Children attend Mass during the school week, so that children know that God has a big part in their lives.   


We come together as a School Family to celebrate the beginning of a school term with a Sunday Parish and School Family Mass. This helps to emphasise the link between the school and the Parish community.


“St Mary's School has a strong reputation as a safe, structured and caring community of learners. Children are happy, secure and appreciated. They are motivated, encouraged and nurtured throughout the duration of their time at St Mary's.”

“The school is regarded as a friendly, welcoming learning community where the sacred dignity of each person is valued and honoured. Interactions are characterised by respect and openness. Parents feel welcomed and valued. There is a strong partnership between home and school. Children want to come to school and feel comfortable, safe, secured and valued.” 


ERO 2018

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