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Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Units are planned so that each class is studying the same Social Science, Science, Technology, and Health, topic at the same time. This is so that teachers and children can share ideas and resources and the whole school is buzzing with children who are enthusiastic about their learning.


During each theme study, we include experiences and activities that will excite and capture the imagination of the children in order to enhance their learning.


Some examples include -

  • a Japanese Day

  • Ancient Greek Banquet 

  • Ancient Egyptian Day

  • Viking Day

  • The Olympic Games

  • A Hangi

  • River Study

  • Bridge exhibition

  • Searching for insects

  • Farm Trips

  • Otago Museum

  • Early Settlers Museum

  • Art Gallery

  • Kavanagh College's annual major production

  • Botanical Gardens

  • Beach Trip

  • Wind Farm

  • Law Courts, Police Station

  • Berwick

  • Local Farms

  • Lawrence - gold panning

  • Lawrence Museum


And these are only some of the events and places that our learning has taken us to!

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