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Extension Programmes

We focus on broadening children’s depth and variety of experiences, and support them to become well-rounded individuals. Children are also extended at St Mary’s through implementation of the following programmes:

Science Badge Scheme

We are very committed to and place an emphasis on the teaching of Science at St Mary’s School.

We offer an out of school (with some lunch time support from teachers) science programme for Years 5 – 6 children.

The programme involves a Science Award scheme and is designed to promote student’s interest and participation in a series of science activities. These are assessed and achievable for all, encourage initiative, provide extension work and provide a reward.

This has a direct impact on the way the children think about their world and they learn and make significant progress in this area.






Mathematics Achievement Challenges

We offer the opportunity for children to participate in a Mathematics Achievement Challenge. This is to enrich students who show an interest in Mathematics. Students complete in-depth investigations that are challenging, extremely stimulating and relate to everyday life situations. Last year over 300 schools and 2000 students participated in the programme. For each challenge – a student must complete 12 investigations. This programme is designed for Years 3 – 6 children. Children are presented with certificates and badges.


Strengths Programmes

Simultaneous timetabling throughout the school and the multi-level nature of the school ensure that children are extended through access to programmes suited to their ability.

Depending on the needs of the children – we offer extension group teaching in Mathematics/Numeracy and Reading.


We have also used the following methods/agencies:

• Dual enrolment with the Correspondence School

• Christchurch School of Writing

Differentiated curriculum - teachers planning for activities that would only be suitable for those identified as gifted or talented

Young Leaders Conference

Children from Year 6 are selected to attend a Young Leaders Conference held in Dunedin each year. This is in recognition of their potential to be community leaders.

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