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The reasons given for choosing a Catholic school almost always involve values, but St Mary’s also provides a high-quality education and excellence in learning and teaching.  Our curriculum is based on the “New Zealand Curriculum”, Ministry of Education (2007).  Our curriculum encompasses the essential learning areas of:​

  • Religious Education

  • English - Reading, Writing, Oral Language, Structured Spelling Programme

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Health and Physical Education

  • The Arts - Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Music

  • Social Sciences

  • Languages

The curriculum also identifies the five key competencies of:

  • Thinking

  • Using language, symbols and texts

  • Managing self

  • Relating to others

  • Participating and contributing

Pupils are encouraged to respect themselves, others and their environment.  We have high expectations regarding good manners, and behaviour.  Our supportive environment encourages both personal growth and an enjoyment of learning.  These values are encompassed in our daily life at school.
As well as modelling these values within the school grounds there is an expectation that these values flow over into their daily lives.


Almost all students achieve at or above the school’s curriculum expectations in reading and most achieve at or above in Mathematics and Writing.”  ERO 2018

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