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Literacy & Numeracy

  • Emphasis is placed on a high level of literacy and numeracy at St Mary's School

  • Each child is expected to achieve

  • Expectations are high

  • Provision is made for a child who may experience difficulties in either area - no child is left behind

  • Provision is also made for children who require extension in either area

ERO Comments

 "All students are very well supported to make progress, especially in literacy and numeracy”.

“Students at St Mary's, benefit from high quality teaching practices”.

“The Principal and staff show the belief that all students can achieve”.

“Students benefit from the many opportunities for one to one instruction”.

“Classroom programmes are well planned and flexible to meet student's varying needs".

“The School leaders and Trustees are highly committed to ensuring the School’s Vision is realised and equity and excellence are strived for.”

“Students experience rich learning contexts that build confidence and competence and help develop the Christian values identified in the School’s vision for learning”

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